Although cosplay has been present for decades within the comics, anime, and sci-fi/fantasy fandoms, social media has played an integral role in the thriving community of costuming that exists today and cosplay communities such as and the Superhero Costuming Forum. In honor of the many fans who've displayed excellence in the mastery of homemade disguise, craftsmanship, and sartorial superheroics, ComicsAlliance has created Best Cosplay Ever (This Week), a weekly collection of some of the most impeccable, creative, and clever costumes that we've discovered and assembled into our own super-showcase of pure fan-devoted talent.

San, photographed by Molly McIsaac

Arcee, photographed by jchennav

Artemis, cosplayed by AmazonMandy

Red Hood, cosplayed by TS-Calibrate

Spider-Girl, cosplayed by Rina

Storm, photographed by Anna Fischer

Panty and Stocking, photographed by Judy Stephens

Big Barda, cosplayed by DJ Spider

Squirrel Girl, cosplayed by Cass

Red Skull, cosplayed by ChrisBurns

Twilight Lady, cosplayed by mostflogged

Etrigan, cosplayed by mrbedpost

Vixen, cosplayed by MarvelGirl

Silver Sable [source]

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