Although cosplay has been present for decades within the comics, anime, and sci-fi/fantasy fandoms, social media has played an integral role in the thriving community of costuming that exists today and cosplay communities such as and the Superhero Costuming Forum. In honor of the many fans who've displayed excellence in the mastery of homemade disguise, craftsmanship, and sartorial superheroics, ComicsAlliance has created Best Cosplay Ever (This Week), a weekly collection of some of the most impeccable, creative, and clever costumes that we've discovered and assembled into our own super-showcase of pure fan-devoted talent.

Powergirl, cosplayed by BelleChere, photographed by Benn Robbins

Dex-Starr, cosplayed by Sarah Dixey, photographed by Ron Gejon

GLaDOS (Portal 2)

Zatanna, cosplayed by DJ Spider

The Flaming C, cosplayed by Lauren Moran

Evil Supergirl & Supergirl, cosplayed by Juli & Alex of Twin Bee

Solomon Grundy, cosplayed by Ruby Rinesko

Cyril Figgis & Lana Kane

Aquaman (combining OUTRAGEOUSness with Jem at the Hasbro booth), cosplayed by Andrew Falkenhainer

Wheatley (Portal 2)

Killer Moth

Ame-Comi Duela Dent

Red Robin/Tim Drake, cosplayed by Matthew Carroll

Maleficent, cosplayed by Sarah Dixey

Bizarro Supergirl, cosplayed by Nicole Marino, photographed by Al Butler

Big Barda, cosplayed by Veronica Lodge (art by Dan Parent)

[All photos were taken by Bethany Fong, unless otherwise noted.]

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