Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has finally hit theaters, and based on the box offices totals so far if you’re reading this, the odds are statistically in my favor to assume you that you’ve already seen it! Critics have bashed the film, but whether you hated it or simply didn’t think it was the worst thing ever, there is one this we can all agree on; it was definitely a movie!

Joking aside, the thing we can definitely agree on is that seeing Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman --- commonly referred to as DC’s “Trinity” --- together on the big screen has been a very long time coming, and there is no denying or underplaying the inherent cool factor of finally seeing the ultimate paragons of our modern day mythology standing shoulder to shoulder, in all their bigger-than-life, live-action glory.

Since their introductions at the birth of the age of superheroes, these three colossal champions of good have stood above countless contemporaries and inspired so many others, both in their fictional world and in ours. But more than that, they’ve also stood together and come to represent the very core of the DC Universe from which every other aspect of that world radiates.

So as you ruminate on your thoughts and theories about the movie, or make your plans to go see it again, take a couple of minutes and enjoy this collection of some of the best Trinity fan art the internet has to offer.


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