With a brand-new Powerpuff Girls series headed to Cartoon Network this spring, this seems like the perfect time to gather some Powerpuff fan art for your enjoyment. Ever since Professor Utonium accidently created them in his lab in 1998, the Powerpuff Girls have been the heroes of Townsville and some of the most influential superheroes to originate on television rather than comics.

The girls comprise a perfectly balanced team despite the small number (and small stature). Buttercup is the violent tomboy, Bubbles is the sunny girly-girl, and Blossom, as the leader, falls between those extremes. Add the Professor as an Alfred figure and the Mayor of Townsville as their Commissioner Gordon, and you have a perfect little superhero premise.

Then there are the villains. Mojo Jojo is a first-class world-conquering brain ape in the classic tradition of Gorilla Grodd and the Ultra-Humanite. Him was an embodiment of evil who smashed gender roles. And of course there was Sedusa, because somehow having a femme fatale on a kids' show about five-year-old superheroines made total sense.

Powerpuff Girls fan art, it should be said, is a fraught enterprise. Anytime you have child characters, fan artists are going to want to draw older versions of them. Some of those are quite fun and appealing, and I've included a number of them. But once you're drawing teenage and adult versions of female characters, some people are going to overtly sexualize them, often within a hackneyed "anime schoolgirl" paradigm. I have not included any of those, because ew. But of course, these things are subjective, and my line may be drawn in a different place from yours. So if anything here makes you uncomfortable, I apologize in advance.

And if anything is left out that you think should have been included, it sounds like you've already seen it elsewhere, so you'll probably be fine.

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