There hasn't been quite enough webcomics coverage on ComicsAlliance recently. Sorry. So let me welcome you to the first of an ongoing, weekly column where we round-up some recent updates to comics around the web.

As this is the first of the round-ups, there are no doubt some excellent comic that may have fallen through the cracks. If you have a favorite webcomic you think deserves a spotlight, let us know in the comment section below and we'll be sure to add to our weekly checklist. Without further delay...

Octopus Pie is the most honest, ongoing representation -- in terms of webcomics anyway but maybe in any medium -- of what's happening with Occupy Wall Street and how it relates to the next generation, which is why it gets the #1 Spot this week.

And despite that seemingly narrow category, especially considering this is the first week of our webcomics round-up, the recently storyline (which starts here) proves that Octopus Pie is head and shoulders above almost everything on the shelves at your local comic book store. Read it immediately.

Lucky for you Kate Beaton has updated Hark! A Vagrant recently after coming off a successful tour with her first book from Drawn & Quarterly, and it's another round of "guess the story of a book based on the Edward Gory cover." Even though this marks the fifth time Beaton has gone back to the same well for jokes, it honestly never gets old. Ever.

Not Enough Hours is quickly becoming one of my favorite webcomics, even though I suspect the creator would have more time in his life if he didn't update nearly everyday. The blog/webcomic is a hilarious take on a college student's life - or at least mine anyway - filled with regret, alcohol, and self-loathing. But not too much. It's much more polished than Negative Space, but the later is more creative, so check it out as well.

Cat and Girl is going through the history of the last decade of hipsters in a way that's both funny and insightful, all in a compact format. If you want to know why traditional newspapers are dying, especially when it comes to the funny pages, look no further than the absurdity that Cat and Girl isn't published in every major city.

A good number of people probably won't enjoy this comic because of its snarky tone and inappropriate humor. I find it hilarious. 30 Rock used to be pretty great, but I think we can all admit that it has run its course. I'm just waiting for the next step in Alec Baldwin's career - running for mayor of New York City. It would literally be amazing if I were kidding.

I can't take credit for that last sentence, it comes from Achewood. Damn, I can't wait for that comic to come back.

Again, if you have a favorite webcomic, let us know by leaving a comment below and we'll add it to our weekly reading list.

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