As we move into the second installment of our weekly webcomic round-ups, I want to thank everyone for their suggestions, and to keep things as transparent as possible, mention a few things about how comics are included in each week's list.

To start, the comic has to be updated within each specific week, or relatively close. If a comic is no longer updating, I probably won't cover it in the weekly list. If something's especially great, but nonetheless finished, feel free to mention it in the comments section, and it might be covered for a longer piece someday. Part of the goal of this column is to showcase the variety of webcomic talent publishing on the Internet, but also to provide a quick recommendation of the best recent updates. And with that...

There are a couple Thanksgiving-themed comics in this week's batch, as you might suspect. Although, none of them hit as close to home as Overcompensating did this week. Jeffrey Rowland is Canadian*, so it's not his fault that he doesn't understand the subtle nuances of how we justify horrific past actions with parades and stuff. It's not his fault. If you're super bummed about America right now, read Gunshow. Ha-ha!

There's a good chance you'll see SMBC on this list often as it updates on a pretty regular basis, plus it's one of the most consistently funny strips out there. Again, if you need more proof that traditional newspapers are failing funny-paper readers, look no further than the lack of SMBC in your Sunday Lifestyle section. If you've never read SMBC, get ready to blissfully lose about an hour in the site.

The biting humor of The Oatmeal would be downright mean if it wasn't so funny. Actually, it's still pretty mean sometimes. Who cares. You're all stupid!

I'm ashamed to say that I haven't been following White Ninja Comics. But I am now, and I love it! The art is simple, but expressive, and the jokes make me literally lawl. Literally.

You guys! It's back! OMG! Last week, I said I wanted it come back, and it did! Do you know what this means? This weekly webcomic feature can alter reality. With great power comes great responsibility. I will use this power for good. And for Lindsay Lohan. Can't that poor girl just get some help?!

Chick-Fil-A is run by conservative Christians who have donated over a million dollars to anti-gay organizations over the last decade. They also make a tasty sandwich. Do what you gotta do with that information.

Well, that's it for this week's round-up. Keep leaving links in the comment section for me to check out. I have to be honest, Darths and Droids just isn't my bag. If there are some particularly funny strips, feel free to point me in the right direction, but, from what I've seen, a retelling of the Star Wars movies through screenshots and different dialogue isn't very interesting, especially after Red Letter Media and RiffTrax did their own wonderful takes.

Also, Penny Arcade is still pretty great, but what's the deal with The Trenches? I feel like it's a younger Dilbert. No one wants that.

On a special note, I want to thank each of you who suggested Homestruck. I am going to find a variety of very legal chemicals, flood my bloodstream with them, and wade through the wonderful experience.

*Jeffrey Rowland is not Canadian.

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