Let me start this week's column off by apologizing to Darths & Droids and The Trenches, both comics are not my particular brand, but I'm happy that there are supportive fans out there that enjoy both. As well, both comics clearly have dedicated creators who work hard to publish the material, and I wish them the best. Thanks to the readers in the comment section who brought it up. So, with that in mind . . .

Good news for American Barbarian fans, the comic is set to be published by AdHouse Books in February of next year. Cat and Girl continues to be superb, and if you're looking for more of an episodic adventure, then be sure to check out Gunnerkirgg Court, Dresden Codak and Delilah Dirk, each has updated somewhat recently. Be warned, each can take up hours of time reading back-story. So, if you're just looking for a single image joke, Hate Farm has got a good one this week.

Despite all the excellent material available on the web, I've narrowed down my top five favorites for this week:

Created by Ethan Nicolle of Axe Cop, the series is better than the webcomic that made the older brother Internet-famous. Mostly because, no offense to the incredible little brother Malachai, Bearmageddon is written by an an adult. (Although, the current story of Axe Cop is about a team of dogs fighting evil cats, which is awesome.)

If you're not caught up to speed with Bearmageddon, some friends are go camping in the woods and end up chained to some trees along with a bunch of hippies who are trying to stop a logging company from cutting them down. I'm pretty sure a lot of these hippies are going to die from bear attacks - beautifully, beautifully drawn bear attacks. Do you really need another reason to read this comic right now? You do not.

Created by Israeli illustrator Aviv Itzcovitz, Stupid Snake is a wordless story about how strange characters are connected by a God-like creature. The extremely well-drawn webcomic has begun its fourth chapter, and starts with a great two-page scene of the natural foodchain. Highly recommended.

I've mentioned Gunshow before, but now it's getting a proper highlight. To be honest, the comic isn't always amazing, but it's not afraid to change styles, take risks, and be weird for the sake of weirdness. Plus, this week's joke is about sex, and man, does the Internet ever love that stuff! If you want another really funny joke about doing "it," then be sure to read the infamous Oglaf [NSFW] this week too. It's pretty great.

I'm not always won over by Shortpacked, for a variety of reasons that I won't bothering noting, however, the most recent update manages to make an extremely valid point about the inherent sexism in mainstream superhero comics, and make it in a funny, poignant way. Kudos!

For the record, I think if someone wants to create a big-chested, skin-tight outfit-wearing superheroine who's always bending over things in a manner that's extremely sexual but not quite pornographiv, then more power to them. But don't pretend it's something that it's not. Different strokes for different folks, you know? Just be honest about what you're into, who that material is for, and try to keep in mind that there's a world of other people out there who are into something else, and would like to be represented in the market place.

The series isn't always hilarious, but more often than not the strips will at least make you chuckle. And while the art isn't stand-out, it's professional and has is own style. Maybe that's not the strongest recommendation, but a consistently solid webcomic that is approachable and easy for anyone to pick-up and enjoy is admirable. Amazing Super Powers won't let you down.

Thanks it for this week. As always, please leave your suggestions in the comment section below. Finally, I gotta give a nod to Dinosaur Comics for its web-coding humor. Priceless.