Welcome back to another round-up of Best Webcomics Ever (This Week). If you're playing along at home, please remember that the only way to win is by leaving a comment at the end of this post about your favorite series, as it makes my job easier.

Before we get started, there are some news items to talk about, including a joke about this website's editor. Keep reading to find out if it's funny or not! Plus, come with me as I sink to the depths of the Internet and wallow in the vast wasteland that is our collective filth as a modern society!So, that joke I just mentioned was from The Gutters, a site that takes jabs at the comics industry. I've highlighted the strip several times before because I'm something of a jerk and find their brand of humor to be very amusing. Anyway, the joke is pretty funny, not as funny as Let's Be Friends Again if you're looking for comics meta-humor, but still funny. I mean, ladies, amiright?! They're fifty percent of the world's population. Hilarious!

In other news, the comic magazine NOVI, which I'm sure some people will find to be hipster garbage, is developing a mobile based publication for Apple and Android devices that will experiment with active design. I'm looking forward to what they create. Haters to the left.

It's really not news, but I was trying to find the most offensive webcomic recently, and since Electric Retard [NSFW] isn't updating anymore, I was directed to Chronic Malpractice, which alerted me to the fact that there's a YouTube channel called AshleysHugTime, which reminded me that Bikini Barbershop: Jersey was a thing that exists, and that led to me having to take a break from the world for a little bit before I did something like this.

I realize we're wandering a bit, and into some terrible territory. I just wanted to share my dismay with all of you. I apologize if you actually clicked on any of the links in the above paragraph. Let's just forget any of this every happened.

Technically, I'm breaking my own rules for highlighting Lackadaisy this week as it hasn't actually updated in a while. Technically. But, I have an excuse - I forget to mention when it was updating earlier this year. See? It makes perfect sense, and either way it doesn't matter.

Lackadaisy is flat-out one of the best webcomics to ever be created. It's almost as great as Blacksad. (If you don't own a copy of Blacksad, immediately go to your local comic shop after reading this post.) I know I just compared two comics that feature anthropomorphic cats as main characters, but they're both incredible.

Set in the 1920's, Lackadaisy would make an amazing animated feature if only more people wanted to see cartoon animals as violent bootleggers. Speaking of cartoons that will never be, but I really wish would, The Meek hasn't updated in a bit, but it also worth every minute of your precious time. So is Dresden Codak.

Look at that, three for one. Lucky you.

A big thanks to reader Marcus for suggesting this series last week in the comments section. King of the Unknown is a bit of Bubba Ho-Tep, with a dash of B.P.R.D., and a sprinkle of Venture Bros., only swapping out David Bowie with Jimi Hendrix. It's drawn very well, a little brash, and is just getting started. Recommended for fans of Bearmageddon and Axe Cop.

Also recommended by a reader last week, Floatillion is a heavy metaphor for the constraints of society, updating on the SBboard - a webcomic portal that also hosts the excellent Spider Baby. Floatillion isn't for everyone, but I'm very impressed with the evolution in style, and eager to see where the story leads. You'll want to start at the beginning. Think Ender's Game meets Art Deco, or something.

SPINE is a series that makes me feel downright uncomfortable sometimes. The series is so bleak that it borders on being unbearable. In many ways, this is the highest compliment someone can give about art - the ability to evoke a physical response. SPINE can be desolate, but also entertaining in that Revenge Flick sort of way.

As far as daily strips go, few are as good as Caffeinated Toothpaste. An update every day means they're not all winners, but when the strip is good, it's great. Also, the creator just got enough donations to print a second volume of his work. Congrats, sir!

Thanks for reading, as always. Be sure to check out my previous recommendations for more great titles. I think this week's count makes at least seventy excellent webcomics that are available to read online for free, and that update on a semi-regular basis. Hope you'll come back next week to do it all over again.

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