It won’t be too much longer before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters, and Wonder Woman will come back to the live-action screen in her most prominent role since the Wonder Woman TV Series ended in 1979. It’s not like Princess Diana of Themyscira has been quiet by any stretch of the imagination; Wonder Woman has stood her ground as one of the leading ladies of the DC line-up for decades, and she's long been  celebrated as an icon of strength and equality.

That makes Wonder Woman an especially popular character for cosplayers who are looking to embody some of that confidence and power on the convention circuit. To celebrate those fans and their hard work, we’ve assembled some of our favorite Wonder Woman cosplay from our Best Cosplay Ever feature into a gallery befitting the champion of the Amazons.

There’s a lot of spandex, leather, and tiaras on display, but also a lot of variety, as befits one of comics' most formidable heroes! Whether they take on Diana Prince in her classic leotard, her battleskirt, or in her Atomic or Bombshell iterations; and whether they're bringing to life some of her alternate versions, or their own mash-up creations; these ladies (and gentlemen) have put their hearts into paying homage to Wonder Woman in their own unique ways. Check out the best Wonder Woman cosplay... ever!


Check Out Some of the Best Wonder Woman Art Ever

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