Dynamite Entertainment and DC Comics have enjoyed a healthy relationship in recent years, with crossovers between DC's Batman '66 and Dynamite's '70s TV franchises such as The Man From UNCLE, The Green Hornet, and most recently Steed and Mrs. Peel. These digital-first series have been a hit with fans, so much so that DC and Dynamite are expanding the partnership for a crossover between The Bionic Woman and Wonder Woman '77.

Announced via The New York Times, the series is written by Andy Mangels, who has previously written for the Wonder Woman '77 digital comic, though no artist has been named for the project at this time.

Like Batman '66, DC's Wonder Woman '77 has been a chance to continue the classic TV shows with big, bold stories that move beyond TV budgets, with villains that did not make it into the shows. In 2014, Dynamite published a follow-up to the Bionic Woman television show titled Bionic Woman: Season Four, which continued the story of Jamie Sommers from the point where the original show finished in 1978.

The New York Times also unveiled two new properties that Dynamite plans to adapt for comics, in partnership with Simon & Schuster; Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys. The iconic teen detectives will feature in original graphic novels, monthly comics and manga, serving both young adult readers in the bookstore market, and direct market comic book fans.

The Wonder Woman/Bionic Woman crossover series and the new titles starring Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys are all planned for release in 2017.


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