Today is Bisexual Awareness Day, the finale of Bisexual Awareness Week. As a bisexual comics fan, I'm always on the lookout for bi characters. It's exciting how many are official now, like Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and probably some characters who aren't female Bat-villains as well.

We could certainly use more, though, and there are a lot of established characters who have already been hinted to be bisexual, or who very plausibly could be. So here's a list of characters who would we'd like to see come out as bi, to their benefit, our benefit, and the benefit of the companies that publish them.

  • 1

    Storm (Ororo Monroe)


    Every Storm fan has thought of Ororo as bisexual for decades. We can even name at least two women she's definitely been involved with: Callisto and Yukio. Greg Pak hinted at this in the recent Storm solo series, but there's really no reason to only hint at. Let Storm casually reveal it, whether through directly coming out to someone, or through acknowledging her past relationships with women. No-one who's been reading her comics will be surprised.

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    You knew he was going to be on this list, right? To begin with, the "actual" mythological Hercules was bisexual, and Marvel's Hercules hews a lot closer to the mythology than its Thor. Beyond that, he's just such a fun character, and letting him be openly bi would suit him perfectly. Then there's the thing where he was already outed on panel, and Marvel walked it back. Not a good look.

  • 3

    Wonder Woman

  • 4

    Jimmy Olsen


    Okay, this isn't one I think there's much previous evidence for, but that doesn't mean Jimmy shouldn't be bi. After all, his role in the Superman cast is to represent the younger generation, and by all accounts, the current younger generation is pretty queer. Jimmy should be too.

  • 5

    Namor, the Sub-Mariner


    Namor cares more if you're a surface dweller or not than what your gender is. It's simply not something that concerns him. And he's previously expressed attraction to nonhuman creatures, noting "there are many forms of beauty." Namor's bi, although he probably considers the label too limiting.

  • 6

    Red Robin (Tim Drake)


    Like Jimmy Olsen, it makes sense for Tim to be updated to be more Millennial. There's also been a movement in fandom for years to let Tim be queer. And if he's bi, his relationship with Stephanie Brown can remain intact.

  • 7

    Black Canary (Dinah Lance)

  • 8

    Betty Cooper


    As a bisexual Archie fan, I'd like to see a bi character in Riverdale. And as a Betty Cooper fan, I think she would be a perfect character through whom to tell a story about coming out as bi to your friends and family. And the situations, both dramatic and comic, that could come from Archie and Veronica's reactions in particular would make for great comics.

  • 9

    Kitty Pryde


    Kitty's another character who we can all agree has been written as bi for much of her history, and just never quite made it out of the closet on panel. Even Chris Claremont, her creator, has said that he intended her relationship with Rachel Summers to be romantic. When her on-and-off relationship with Star-Lord is off again, that'll be the perfect time to do a story that deals honestly with her sexuality.

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