There's a long history of musicians crossing over into comic books and trying their hand at a new craft, and while some, such as Gerard Way and Max Bemis have made great impressions on the industry, there's always a Gene Simmons or Courtney Love who doesn't quite manage to pull it off.

Later this year, Marvel Comics will release an original graphic novel titled Masters of the Sun: The Zombie Chronicles, which sees The Black Eyed Peas' Will.I.Am stepping away from the studio to tell a story about aliens and zombies in Los Angeles' hip-hop culture.

The graphic novel was announced this week via Billboard, and is set in LA as aliens attack the Earth and humans begin turning into zombies. The main character --- who is definitely not Will.I.Am --- is Zulu-X, described as having a "penchant for hip-hop." He must uncover the secrets of an ancient order to save the world.

Masters of the Sun: The Zombie Chronicles will be written by Will.I.Am, with art by Benjamin Jackendoff and Damion Scott. In statement to Billboard, Marvel's Axel Alonso spoke briefly about the team-up between the publisher and the hip-hop group responsible for the classic "Don't Funk With My Heart":

Few artists have done more to embed hip-hop in popular culture than and the Black Eyed Peas. So we are thrilled to present this deeply personal story that speaks directly to hip-hop aficionados, comic book fans and the intersection of those communities.

Masters of the Sun: The Zombie Chronicles is scheduled for release in July.


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