Most every contemporary DC Comics reader is familiar with the Blue Beetle legacy. There's a mystical (alien) scarab passed from Dan Garret to Ted Kord (who it did nothing for) to finally Jamie Reyes who kicks it armor style.

Of course, there's one Blue Beetle you may not have known about unless you watched a lot of "The Electric Company," an educational children's show that ran during the early '70s (and has since been rebooted on PBS).

He was kind of an affable dude. Pleasant, but ultimately nowhere nearly as hip as his silent pal Spider-Man, who spoke only in thought balloons. Needless to say, this BB was not associated in any way with comics company cannon.

In this week's "Booster Gold" #26, Ted Kord rises as a Black Lantern, much to the dismay of Booster and Reyes, but wouldn't it be cool if TEC's Beetle also rose to eat hearts and say mean things to the children who casually mocked him? I kind of think so.

Poor BB, he just couldn't win.