Among a certain group of comics fans -- namely, comedians -- Bob Fingerman is a name that is revered.

Over the quarter-century or so that he has been working in comics, Fingerman has dipped his toe into a lot of different pools, from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics all the way to Eros' porn comix, but his autobiographical comic Minimum Wage will probably be what he's remembered for through the ages. Over the past few years, Image Comics has given readers ample opportunity to catch up with Minimum Wage, and in October they'll have a chance to read the first six issues of the new iteration of the series in a brand new trade paperback.

Fingerman first released Minimum Wage in the 1990s, and all of the issues of were collected in the Maximum Minimum Wage hardcover last year. He finished work on those issues some 15 years ago and didn't return to them until the publication of that hardcover. Fingerman said the publication of the new hardcover inspired him to return to the book, and new issues started coming out this January.

The new trade paperback, titled Focus On The Strange, collects the first six issues of the new series, and comedians including Comedy Bang Bang host Scott Aukerman, Patton Oswalt, and Margaret Cho have praised it to the heavens. Here's a preview:


Minimum Wage Volume 1: Focus on the Strange will be available in comic shops Oct. 8.