Simpsons Comics #137 coverSimpsons Comics #137
by Dixon/Costanza
$2.99 USA/ $3.99 CAN
32 pages/standard format/color/all ages/humor

Homer is the last FAT man. After a nuclear plant accident forces a radioactive cloud into the atmosphere, Homer finds himself alone and still quite oversized in a very different and much more slender city. What is the secret behind his morbid obesity? Water retention? Big bones? A secret stash of pork rinds? Whatever it is, Homer may be humanity's last link to the fat gene and Springfield's last chance to avoid wasting away to skin and bones.
Gangway for weight gain this December!

Bart Simpson #39 coverBart Simpson #39
By McCann, Peyer, Verrone and Yambar
$2.99 USA/ $3.99 CAN
32 pages/standard format/color/all ages humor

Bart, getting a little tired of being treated like a kid and feeling a little too big for his britches, wakes up one morning, well, BIG! And, Mr. Burns exacts his revenge on Maggie when he gets a law passed that makes anyone who is a drain on society, including babies, a criminal! Will Bart become small again? Will Maggie spent her toddlerhood in prison? Find out this and more in the comic that will bring out the kid in you.
Don't delay your delinquency any longer - ask Bart how this December!

Simpsons Super Spectacular #6 coverSimpsons Super Spectacular #6
By Lash and Rodriguez
$2.99 USA/ $3.99 CAN
32 pages/standard format/color/all ages humor

In 1994, Bongo Comics presented "When Bongos Collide," a monumental three-issue crossover to end all crossovers--and one company messed with their heroes heads, spent 52 weeks getting all crossovered and 52 weeks getting uncrossed and another staged a comic company civil war. Now Bongo is back with this sweeping saga in all its superheroic, evildoing, matter, anti-matter, whatsa matter, parallel world blending, costumed avenger team-upping, marginal character killing, mind wiping glory! Prepare for the shortest, self-contained, single issue, semi-annual, crossover event in comic book history!!
Prepare for the noncontinuity-altering crisis comic of its time this December!

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