Simpsons Comics #138Simpsons Comics #138
by Wein and Valenti
$2.99 USA/ $3.99 CAN
32 pages/standard format/color/all ages/humor

When a torrential rainstorm threatens to raise the level of Springfield River and destroy Springfield's crumbling levees, only one outspoken environmental advocate, only one eco-aware tree-hugging activist, only one global-warming truth–telling second grader can save the town from disaster...Lisa Simpson!
Enjoy a cautionary tale from Springfield this January...before it's too late!!!

Futurama Comics #35Futurama Comics #35
By Boothby and Lloyd
$2.99 USA/ $3.99 CAN
32 pages/standard format/color/humor

From the files of the Secret Justice Team comes a tale of derring-do and action-packed action, as Captain Yesterday (Fry), Clobberella (Leela) and Super King (Bender) face the vengeful wrath of the spawn of one of the greatest villains from their decidedly small Rogues Gallery, The Sun.
Futurama Comics delivers the big laughs this January!

Simpsons Classics #15Simpsons Classics #15
By Groening
$3.99/$4.99 CAN
64 pages/magazine/color/all ages/humor

Tired of being harassed by the Internal Revenue Service, Krusty the Clown forms his own country to avoid paying taxes. However, Krustonia is not the utopia he dreams of and keeping his subjects happy requires more than a little song, a little dance, or a little seltzer down your pants. And speaking of tax shelters, Mr. Burns' sizable investment in professional wrestling may come to an end when Captain Slamtastic announces retirement, that is, unless the business-minded billionaire can find a suitable replacement that can fit in the tights. Also included a Ned Flanders mystery and a battle of the babies between Maggie and Gerald, the baby with one eyebrow. (Collects Simpson Comics #28 & 29)

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