Simpsons Comics #135 coverSimpsons Comics #135
by Boothby and Ortiz
$2.99 USA/ $3.99 CAN
32 pages/standard format/color/all ages/humor

A father/son fishing excursion turns into an adventure when Bart's old man goes to battle with a marlin on the open sea. There'll be no hemming and hawing when the Simpsons weigh anchor and head out to rough waters.

Bart Simpson #38 coverBart Simpson #38
By Houlihan, McCann, Peyer, DeCarlo, Lloyd, and Matsumoto
$2.99 USA/ $3.99 CAN
32 pages/standard format/color/all ages/humor

Bart is made principal for a day and trades places with Seymour Skinner––what will happen when Bart needs to play by the rules and Skinner begins to plot his own revenge? Then, Milhouse gives the 4-1-1 on what it takes to be the "king of cool" at your school. Finally, after a run-in with the school bullies, Ralph is forced to learn the value of a dollar.

Simpsons Classics #14 coverSimpsons Classics #14
By Groening
$3.99/$4.99 CAN
64 pages/magazine/color/all ages/humor

First, Sideshow Bob sets a "speed" trap for Bart on his bus ride to school. Then, Homer undergoes a surgical procedure that makes him smart, helping him to bond with Lisa on levels she never imagined possible. But will his newfound intelligence be the end of the Simpsons? And join Captain McCallister for a helpin' of salt pork and a salty sea tale, you swabies! (Collects Simpsons Comics #26 & 27)

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