Simpsons Comics #134 coversSimpsons Comics #134
by Boothby and Ortiz
$2.99 USA/ $3.99 CAN
32 pages/standard format/color/all ages/humor

Homer saves the day and his friends during a work-related cruise by proving to be unsinkable. Then Mr. Burns, looking for a way to assure the public that the Springfield Channel (his personal nuclear waste dumping site) is perfectly safe, tricks Homer into swimming the channel as a publicity stunt. But what's a dip in the water without a little chilhood trauma and a killer whale out to settle an old score. Jump in, the water's fine (not really) this September!

Futurama Comics #33 coverFuturama Comics #33
By Boothby and Valenti
$2.99 USA/ $3.99 CAN
32 pages/standard format/color/humor

It's a comic of gargantuan proportions when Amy accidentally spritzes herself with a less than refreshing enlarging spray. Soon Amy is an unstoppable and unfashionable behemoth unceremoniously destroying New New York City. Not to mention that Bender bites off more bit torrents than he can chew as a video pirate, and the 50 foot Amy is soon on a collision course with his classic film inspired flights of fancy. Comics don't get bigger or better than this in September!

Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror #13 coverBart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror #13
By Barta, Boothby, Duggan, Guerra, Oswalt, Posehn, Rodriguez
$4.99/$6.99 CAN
56 pages/magazine/color/humor

Comedians of Comedy, Patton Oswalt ('King of Queens','Ratatouille'), Brian Posehn ('Just Shoot Me') and Gerry Duggan, and Thomas Lennon ('Reno 911') join with Bongo's Ian Boothby and his life partner and gal pal Pia Guerra (Y:The Last Man) and humor faves Hillary Barta and Tone Rodriguez to become Stand-up Comics of Comics in the unluckiest and unlikeliest horror book of all-time Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror the 13th! From ravenous fishy mutations to pygmy youth-making libations, it's a comic congregation that will stir the humours and put a horrifically happy smile on your face. Tremble with laughter this September!

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