If The Very Hungry Caterpillar ever faces off against Pikachu in a Pokémon crossover, we've found a prime candidate to handle the art duties. Picking up some traditional collage strategies, a deviantART user named Botjira has glued together an extensive array of texture-laden nods to video games and animation.
Psyduck looks a little confused about his newfound paper state, but he and the Left 4 Dead crew, along with Totoro, would have earned an A from any reasonable high school art class instructor. Professor Layton fans will likewise spot an impressive, familiar face among Botjira's works.

He lists the name "John Smith" in his profile, which sounds only slightly less suspect that his account name, but whatever his birth certificate says and whether or not he actually made these pieces in Antarctica, you should definitely check out his art, both over on deviantART and in the highlights we've posted below.

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