Andy Kaufman was one of the most enigmatic and interesting individuals to ever grace the world of comedy. Whether it was his gonzo stand-up, his appearances on Saturday Night Live, or his portrayal of the beloved character Latka in Taxi, a lot of people have their definitive Kaufman.

In 2018, Box Brown will sum up the multitudes contained within in a new graphic novel biography of Kaufman's life titled Is This Guy For Real?

The title was announced today via Playboy, the publication that once covered Andy Kaufman's exploits as Inter-Gender Wrestling Champion of the World, and will go from Kaufman's childhood as a natural showman and eager amateur wrestler to his all-too short career in entertainment, which likely also includes his feud with Jerry "The King" Lawler and his lounge singer alter-ego Tony Clifton.


Box Brown
Box Brown


This isn't Box Brown's first biographical project, nor is it his first wrestling-adjacent biographical project, as prior to his most recent work Tetris: The Games People Play he released Andre The Giant: Life And Legend to much critical acclaim. The biography of the late pro-wrestling legend was incredibly well-researched and didn't shy away from showing Andre in a negative light where appropriate, so it's reasonable to expect a similar approach to the life and works of Andy Kaufman in Is This Guy For Real?

Is This Guy For Real will be published in 2018. Check out the full piece at Playboy for more preview pages featuring a young Andy Kaufman. No publisher has yet been named for the project.

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