We've seen plenty of comic-themed wedding cakes and even creators taking vows at Comic-con, but British couple Sharon and Neil Vaughan's costumed wedding packs perhaps the most superheroic punch for donning an entire wedding party in comic book and sci-fi costumes.

Dressed as Batman and Wonder Woman, the couple was joined last week by Powerpuff Girl bridesmaids, several Supergirls, Kick-Ass, some Incredibles, Iron Man and even the Joker. The Vaughns even saved some serious scratch skipping a few traditional expenses, although they still managed to surprise each other with their choice of dress on the big day.

'We were not allowed to see each other's costumes before the big day, but when I did see Neil he looked fantastic as Batman.

'We put a lot of effort into our costumes and our guests did as well. It was such a great day.'

This brave and bold couple are set to honeymoon in Australia. No word on whether they'll be flying by Batgyro or Invisible Jet.

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