Now that it's all over - Well, bar Florida, which is still counting votes at time of writing in some strange quest to inspire a new generation of late-night television comedians to make jokes about how badly it handles elections - you might be wondering what the US Presidential Election was all about, anyway. Thankfully, the British newspaper The Guardian has created a comic to explain it all.

Created by the Guardian's political blogger Richard Adams, editor Erin McCann and "animation expert" Greg Chan, America: Elect! tries to put the months and months of campaigning, debating, promises and everything else that happened across the months-long campaign into some kind of coherent narrative.

The resulting comic may not please political scholars or news junkies -- Surprisingly, there's no mention of Hurricane Sandy, nor of either ticket's choice of Vice President (Sorry, Joe Biden fans) -- but what it does offer is a surprisingly slick, smart mix of comics and animation that echoes Marvel's Infinite Comics digital releases, but taken in a slightly different direction. Who would have thought that a British newspaper of all places would be so digital-comics-forward when it came to American politics...?

(Then again, it is the same newspaper that is currently sharing a 125-page comics anthology for free and streaming Alan Moore songs, so there's that...)

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