If you've been paying attention for a while, then you already know that we here at ComicsAlliance have been pretty excited about Luciano Saracino and Ariel Olivetti's Brutal Nature ever since it was first announced back in February. It makes sense that we would be, too --- I mean, I don't know about, you, but the potential to see someone fight a bear is literally the #1 thing I'm looking for when I'm deciding whether to jump on a new series, and Brutal Nature promised that on the cover.

And in the first few pages of its first issue, it definitely delivers. Check out an exclusive preview below for all the ursine decapitation that your weekday afternoon can handle!



I know that Ich is going to be able to transform into different animals over the course of the series --- you can get a glimpse of them on Olivetti's Subscription Variant cover --- but honestly? I kind of hope he just sticks with the bear. Is there anything a good ol' fightin' bear cannot accomplish?

And here's the official solicitation:


Brutal Nature #1 (of 4)
Luciano Saracino (w) • Ariel Olivetti (a & c)
A collection of masks transforms the young man known as Ich into innumerable different beasts and monsters. Using this ancient power, he embarks on a battle that pits the indigenous people of Colombia against the encroaching Spanish empire. But can one man hope to beat back the massive forces of the conquering Spaniards? Luciano Saracino and Ariel Olivetti (Venom: Space Knight) bring readers a stunningly illustrated story of beasts and men fighting for the soul of a nation!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet Points:

  • A beautifully painted story featuring art by comics superstar Ariel Olivetti!

  • Check out the “character design variant” from creator Ariel Olivetti!