If your life has felt a little empty ever since Avatar: The Legend of Korra came to an end in December, then we have some good news for you: First Second has announced that Korra and Avatar co-creator Bryan Konietzko will write and draw a series of graphic novels called Threadworlds, set to kick off in 2017.

Currently set for five volumes, the series is centered on Nova, a young scientist from a primitive planet that shares its orbit with four other worlds, and features a series of discoveries that tie the planets' fates together and sends Nova on a journey into space.

The announcement was made at Entertainment Weekly, where Konietzko discussed his plans for the series, and how he's going for something similar to the world-building that made Avatar so engaging:

The development and writing processes are comparable to Avatar and Korra. This is a similarly ambitious, sweeping epic full of world building, so in those regards it feels like familiar territory to me. The primary difference is that an animated TV production requires scores of people, whereas I’m making these books alone — at least at this stage. The graphic novel is definitely its own medium and provides fresh challenges for a newcomer like me, but the illustration process is somewhat akin to the work I’ve done in animation as an art director, designer, and storyboard artist.

Konietzko also mentioned that while he's working alone writing and drawing the first volume of Threadworlds, future volumes may see contributions from other artists. As for what this means for future animated projects, that remains to be seen, although Konietzko did mention that he and Avatar collaborator Michael Dante DiMartino were, at one time, working on thirty episodes of Korra at the same time, so it's easy to assume he's developed some pretty tight time management skills.

The first volume of Threadworlds will be released from First Second in 2017.

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