If you're not wild about Bryan Singer's plans to focus "X-Men: First Class" on the conflict between Professor Xavier and Magneto as opposed to the struggles of the titular youthful mutants, you'll be happy to hear that Singer might not be directing the film after all.

According to HitFix, Singer might have to pull out of the "X-Men" spin-off due to his directorial commitment to "Jack the Giant Killer" for Warner Bros., a studio that has no shortage of heated history with Fox. Singer wouldn't be able to get started on "First Class" until 2012 and Fox is looking to push forward with "First Class" as soon as possible - so unless scheduling conflicts can be resolved, it appears that Singer will have to drop out of "First Class."

If Singer takes a hike, who's going to replace him? HitFix reports that there are two directors being courted as replacements, unidentified filmmakers "that would make fanboys happy from the first moment they're announced." As for Singer himself, it's likely that he'll stay on board in a producer capacity.[Source: HitFix]

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