I've never really had the inclination to go into a Build-A-Bear Workshop. To be honest, the whole thing seemed like a hassle, and when I thought back to when I was a kid, I kind of felt like the process of actually making a stuffed animal was probably the least fun part of having a stuffed animal, and paying extra to do it myself felt like it was more than a little bit overpriced. But then they announced that shoppers will have the opportunity to build their own Pikachu, and I realized there was no amount of money I would not pay to make that happen.

The Build-a-Pikachu will be available next year as part of Nintendo's celebration of the 20th anniversary of Pokémon, and not only will it be adorable, but it will also have a sound chip and a Charizard costume, so that you can dress your Pokémon up as another Pokémon.

That's the word according to Nintendo Insider, which provided this information:

Those that purchase the iconic Pokémon will receive a “unique Build-A-Bear Workshop-branded Pokémon TCG card” as a gift, while consumers will be able to customise their Pikachu with a Poké Ball hoodie. Whereas for those choose to order Pikachu online, the stuffed toy will include a sound chip, the Poké Ball hoodie and a Charizard costume.

“Pokémon and Build-A-Bear Workshop both create memorable experiences for fans of all ages,” comments Monika Salazar, The Pokémon Company International’s director of licensing. “We are delighted to partner with a brand like Build-A-Bear Workshop that represents fun and friendship.”

Charizard costume, y'all. Charizard costume.



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