2015 was an outstanding year for comics; a year of great books by amazing talents, both new and established. But what were the highlights? We’re asking you to pick the best comics, creators, and more in 2015.

This poll is your chance to vote for the best comic for kids in 2015. Comics are kids are hugely important, not just for getting little brains hooked on the greatest art form of all time, but for encouraging literacy, learning, and creativity. But what was the best new comic to give a kid in 2015? (Note: There will be a separate poll for comics aimed at a teen audience.)

The nominees for best comic for kids are Aw Yeah Comics, by Art Baltazar, Franco and others (Dark Horse); Albert the Alien, by Trevor Mueller and Gabriel Bautista (Thrillbent); Donald Duck, by Guido Martina, Giovan Battista Carpi, and others (Boom); Howtoons, by Nick Dragotta, Fred Van Lente, Tom Fowler and others (Howtoons.com); Oddly Normal, by Otis Frampton (Image); Over the Garden Wall, by Pat McHale, Jim Campbell and others (Boom); and SpongeBob Comics by Sam Henderson, Michael T. Gilbert, Tony Millionaire and others (United Plankton Pictures).




Voting is open until midnight EST on Saturday December 12. Vote in the other Best of 2015 polls here.