I rarely pass up an opportunity to write about any Calvin and Hobbes themed project. Whether it's a search engine designed specifically for the strip, or pictures of the two characters set against the backdrop of beautiful real-life settings, Bill Watterson's timeless creation consistently inspires talented fans to create something memorable in homage to the beloved comic strip. And now we have yet another addition to the list, as Adam Brown (Ugly Americans) has created a short animated sequence based on one of Watterson's strips.

To Brown's credit he chose not to use any dialogue in the short, as I think many Calvin and Hobbes fans would agree with Watterson, who has often said it would be unsettling to hear Calvin's voice. I'm inclined to agree, and while seeing the two characters in this fashion is a bit odd at first, it's nonetheless charming.

You can check out the full video below.

[Via Robot 6]

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