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It's hard to believe it's been ten fifteen years since the last Calvin and Hobbes comic strip, but it has (deal with it). Bill Watterson famously concluded the beloved adventures of little boy Calvin and his anthropomorphic tiger toy Hobbes after ten years, and, some reprint volumes notwithstanding, the cartoonist hasn't been seen since. However, some new-to-us Watterson work has emerged in the form of comic strips he created for Ohio's Kenyon College newspaper, The Kenyon Collegian, courtesy of one of his former classmates. The material is of course rough and not uniformly excellent, but it demonstrates that Watterson's figure style was already very well defined even as a young man.

Check after the jump for some of our favorites from Bill Watterson's college years, which depict some charming slice-of-life moments from 1970s America.

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