A coupe of years ago Image Comics published Sky Pirates of Neo Terra, a miniseries that kind of went under the radar but as I recall was nevertheless very well regarded by just about everyone who read it. With a script by Josh Wagner and featuring lush Miyazaki-infused characters, landscapes and vehicles by Camilla d'Errico, Sky Pirates presented a slightly steampunky, slightly fantasy world of the distant, distant future that had no memory of the past. In this setting, disparate tribes compete in annual race of gildewings, personal flyers powered by a fusion of magic and technology. It's really fun stuff.

Sky Pirates was developed by Day 21 Studios not just as a comic book but also as a video game, something in the vein of the great racers like Mario Kart or F-Zero. With the game now in beta testing, Day 21 has re-teamed with d'Errico (along with writer Kurtis J. Weibe) to create a new collection of stand-alone webcomics that constitute a free primer for the world of Sky Pirates of Neo Terra. ComicsAlliance readers can get a first look at the latest installment, as well as special access to the game.One of the tenets of the Sky Pirates universe is the concept of relics. Neo Terrans occasionally discover machines from the ancient world such as vehicles. Interestingly, the Neo Terrans actively refuse to investigate what purpose these artifacts may have served their ancestors, assuming them to be tools of war. Instead, the Neo Terran Mechanics (respected and valuable members of the tribes of Neo Terra) salvage the machines and adapt them for their own purposes, like building gildewings or farming implements.

This methodology is depicted very nicely in the new strip by d'Errico and Weibe:

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Catching up on the Sky Pirates webcomics is easy, as they're all available to read on the project's Facebook page.

Day 21 has opened up Beta access to ComicsAlliance readers who wish to try out the Sky Pirates game. Just click here to sign up and say that we sent you. Check out some screenshots here.

Finally, the original Sky Pirates of Neo Terra comic book is available in paperback from Image Comics. You can actually read the first two issues for free on Facebook as well. Issue #1 is here and issue #2 is here.