Remember Justice League Mortal? That George Miller-helmed JL movie that died circa 2008 that would've been filmed in Australia and starred folks like Armie Hammer, Common, Megan Gale and Adam Brody? As spied by Shogun Gamer, it turns out videogame developer Double Helix, which handled this past summer's Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters movie game, was at work on some kind of JLM tie-in. Even after the film was canceled, the 3D brawler continued as more of a general JL title until it too got halted in favor of the GL game. Art Director and Lead Level Artist on the game Jonathan Gwyn posted some of the concept art at his website, which includes shots of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Flash in such locations as Wayne Industries and what looks to be the Flash Museum. Take a gander after the cut.

The overall look of the game seems somewhere between Justice League Heroes and DC Universe Online, but without any actual footage (like we saw with THQ's canned Avengers game) it's hard to make too many judgements. Still, it's cool to get a look into what might have been.

Check out the game images below:

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