On sale this week is Captain America #1, beginning a new series for the Sentinel of Liberty just in advance of his much anticipated return to the big screen in Captain America: The First Avenger. Written by Ed Brubaker and illustrated by Steve McNiven & Mark Morales and Justin Ponsor, the new title is explicitly designed to welcome The First Avenger viewers to the Marvel (Publishing) Universe.The new Captain America series opens with the funeral of a character that The First Avenger's audience will be familiar with, firmly establishing Steve Rogers as the "man out of time" that comics readers all know and love. To say anything else is to spoil the plot, but Brubaker proceeds to introduce a a new threat to Cap and his friends, one rooted in a mysterious mission of the hero's past (which we see via flashbacks to World War II), and McNiven and his collaborators depict the story with the level of excellence you see in the preview materials below.

Captain America #1 is the most utterly new-reader accessible superhero comic you're likely to find in the last year or two. From the movie poster credits-style of the title page to the final panel of the book, it's plain that Marvel's goal was to get serious about attracting fans of The First Avenger. Without question, the creators have succeeded in their goal. Brubaker's story is not obfuscated by any backstory and McNiven's pages have never looked so beautifully designed or his figures this sharp. Even the scenes of Steve Rogers standing around in a suit and tie are as lovely as some of the issue's frenetic double-page spreads, and you will finish Captain America #1 wanting to see more.

Captain America #1 goes on sale this week in comics shops everywhere and can also be ordered from online retailers like Things From Another World.