As effective a hype-builder the latest, greatest Captain America: The First Avenger trailer was, what's also building lots of anticipation for the film is, believe it or not, its promotional tie-ins with Dunkin' Donuts. The Captain America donut has been a popular topic of discussion on Twitter, as has the special Cap Coolatta with its limited edition Tri-Cup and charming and clever television commercial. Somehow this food, which we should mention is probably pretty bad for you, has only further endeared the Sentinel of Liberty to his fans.

In honor of Captain America and his delicious junk food, a pact was formed. #THEPACT, actually, as devised by Let's Be Friends Again co-creator and ComicsAlliance contributor Chris Haley. It's simple: Dunkin Donuts has a star-shaped Captain America donut. On Friday you will get, eat, and tweet.

was made when Haley and friends Jordan Witt and Max Robinson found themselves feeling especially patriotic and hungry after discussing the Captain America donut, which is filled with jelly, topped with vanilla icing and red, white and blue sprinkles. They vowed to sample the donut on the same day and others quickly joined in, pledging to tweet photographs of themselves eating the tasty snacks to @LBFAInc using #THEPACT hashtag. Haley told us that enthusiasm for #THEPACT is so high, there has been talk of shipping Cap donuts to those of us in California or other places where there are no Dunkin' Donuts to be found.

Naturally, Haley and collaborator Curt Franklin have created a typically excellent episode of Let's Be Friends Again to tie-in with #THEPACT:

Dunkin' Donuts' Captain America treats have also generated an uncommonly fun television commercial, in which an ordinary construction worker is possessed by the spirit of the Sentinel of Liberty -- because, as Marvel Comics demonstrated with its recent variant cover initiative -- we are all Captain America.

Have your appetites been sufficiently whetted? Then go to Dunkin' Donuts on Friday and get your Coolatta on with Captain America, and don't forget to tweet your photos to Let's Be Friends Again at @LBFAInc with #THEPACT hashtag. It's a good thing. But maybe not for your guts.

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