Riding high on the 16-bit style videogame radness that was Thor: Bring the Thunder, Marvel and Big Pixel Studios have released an equally awesome free platformer just in time for Captain America: The First Avenger's July 22 cinematic premiere. In Captain America: Shield of Justice, players command the Sentinel of Liberty as he fights through HYDRA controlled environments on a quest to save his captured pals the Howling Commandos. The title's simple gameplay doesn't exactly give players the power to deflect pixelated projectiles, but there's plenty of action to be had as Cap smashes the Red Skull (armed with perhaps the cubeiest cosmic cube of all time) and his army with the shield's offensive capabilities.From Marvel.com:

Featuring an awesome retro 16-bit look, "Captain America: Shield of Justice" follows Captain America as he tracks down the Howling Commandos. Watch as Cap battles his way through Arnim Zola, Baron von Strucker, and the Red Skull in 16-bit breakneck battles! Peggy Carter aids you as you push your way through the "normal" and the aptly named "epic" difficulty levels--oh, and there are three different locales from which you can explore!

While Shield of Justice may lack many of the higher end capabilities sported by Sega's upcoming Captain America: Super Soldier titles, Big Pixel seems to have tapped the high-definition heart of its pixelated Steve Rogers to deliver a mighty way to kill an afternoon (and Nazis).

See screens and pixel art from Captain America: Shield of Justice below:

[Via Marvel]