Unlike in most Marvel comics where Captain America's indestructible shield survives battles without so much as a scratch barring extraordinary (i.e. involving Wolverine's adamantium claws) circumstances, his movieverse mode of defense is introduced as an unpainted vibranium prototype. Despite getting a very recognizable paint job that survived the Chitauri invasion in The Avengers, judging by a new teaser poster the red, white and blue beacon of defense may get tarnished something fierce on April 4 when Captain America: The Winter Soldier debuts in theaters.

Adapting elements of writer Ed Brubaker and artists such as Steve Epting, Mike Perkins and Michael Lark's Captain America stories reintroducing the long-thought-dead Bucky to the Marvel Universe as a brainwashed cyborg assassin circa 2006 and onward, the film will reunite actors Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan in a presumably shield-turpentine'n clash or ten. There's a big panel next Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con International, so stay tuned to CA for what's bound to be a flurry of details next weekend.

See what you think of the new teaser poster below.



[Via ScreenCrush]