Following the successful excavation of a truly confounding 1970s card game based on the Superman artwork of Jack Kirby, cartoonist Mark Anderson (Andertoons) has discovered a second hopelessly inscrutable DC Comics card game from the ancient world. While the rules to this game are just as mind-melting as those of the other game, the "Superhero Color-a-Deck" card game includes crayons with which to color in black-and-white drawings of Captain Marvel and other characters of the Shazam! family.

This Captain Marvel game provides really cool drawings of the hero himself plus Uncle Marvel, Doctor Sivana, Billy Batson, a bus, Aunt Minerva and, uh, Satan (?) for you to color in with the included crayons. But since they probably don't even make crayons anymore, you can just use Photoshop and the high quality scans kindly provided by Anderson and available to download at his website.

What you're meant to do from there, well, your guess is as good as ours. Feel free to read the rules if you like the feeling of a cheese grater across your brainmeats.

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