Kelly Sue DeConnick (Captain Marvel, Avengers Assemble) has collaborated with WeLoveFine to guest curate a collection of t-shirts featuring Marvel Comics superheroes such as Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman. The showcase includes bright pop art designs and straight-from-the-pages artwork of two of Marvel's favorite heroines. DeConnick will be donating her curation commission to Girls' Leadership Institute, a nonprofit organization that seeks "to help foster and give voice to the heroines of tomorrow."

Over on her blog, DeConnick said the "Captain Marvel Rising Star" design seen at the bottom of this page is her favorite of the three shirts currently on offer, but that another two designs yet to be revealed are also in her top three choices. Whether those designs will be made available depends on the success of these initial products.

Known in the comics community for her great style, DeConnick has also been posting examples of how women can modify the larger sized mens shirts by cutting them up or otherwise altering them at home to make a more feminine and, if you like, fiercer look. You can see some examples she posted by visiting this page of her Tumblr and clicking forward for more recent posts.

Captain Marvel Pop Art, $25 (also available in men's sizes)

Spider-Woman Sandwich, $25 (also available in men's sizes)

Captain Marvel Rising Star, $25 (also available in men's sizes)

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