Building on the success of Pendleton Ward's Bravest Warriors and James Kochalka's SuperF*ckers, Frederator Studios has released a new video promo showcasing footage from its next batch of Cartoon Hangover shows. Among them? Adventure Time character designer/storyboard artist and Fionna and Cake comic writer/artist Natasha Allegri's Bee and PuppyCat, VectorBelly creator Mike Rosenthal's Our New Electrical Morals, Tom Gran and Martin Woolley's Ace Discovery, animated loop maestro Mel Roach's Rocket Dog, Kelly Martin's Doctor Lollipop (adapting her original minicomics), and Hamish Steele's Dead End.

Here's CH's official rundown of its upcoming shows:
"Our New Electrical Morals" Douglas and Business Cat find a baby and ask: "Is that baby generating any profit?" By Mike Rosenthal. Coming to Cartoon Hangover April 4th!

"Rocket Dog" Loyal, deranged pet meets bumbling hipster. From the mixed up mind of Mel Roach

"Ace Discovery" Washed up space adventurer and side kick crash land on a planet of dicks. From Tom Gran & Martin Wooley

"Bee and PuppyCat" It's a puppy and a cat. Could it get any better? Yes. Fishbowl Space. Created by Natasha Allegri, character designer and storyboard artist for Adventure Time.

"Doctor Lollipop" Two words: Unicorn. Physician. Created by Miss Kelly Martin

"Dead End" The Internet is haunted at Morningwood Road, they must appease the ghost before she makes a meme of them all. Brought to you by Hamish Steele.

Executive Producer: Fred Seibert
Producer: Kevin Kolde, Eric Homan
Trailer edited by: Nicholas Fung

CH's list of talent from the comics world is impressive, with nearly every series creator either an active comic creator and/or an prolific cartoonist on social media and elsewhere. Equally impressive is that these shows don't seem to pulling these artists away from continuing to produce comics and other independent projects. Given Boom!'s ongoing relationship with Frederator and Cartoon Hangover, fans of these upcoming online series may eventually even find themselves looking at comics-inspired-by-cartoons-made-by-comic-artists, which seems like a solid loop of creativity, especially since creators keep character rights when working with CH.

None of the shows have specific release dates listed just yet, but considering there's six of them and we're already into March, it's probably safe to suspect a gradual rollout starting sometime soon.

You can check out the new Cartoon Hangover promo below to see if any of the new shows pique your interest.

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