File under "no-brainer": Cartoon Network will launch next year a programming initiative based entirely around DC Comics. Called DC Nation, the on-air and online content block will be overseen by Warner Bros. Animation and is part of WB and DC Entertainment's mission to more effectively exploit the DC Comics brand across the Time Warner media landscape, of which Cartoon Network is an integral part.According to Deadline Hollywood, Cartoon Network's DC Nation block will of course feature the numerous DC-based animation projects as well as "event programming, interstitials, exclusive behind-the-scenes of theatrical productions and an insider look into the world of all things DC."

Specifics have yet to be announced, but it seems a foregone conclusion that Young Justice and other DC-based animated series will help fill the DC Nation block. Perhaps we'll even see reruns of classic shows like Batman: The Animated Series. And of course, there's a new Green Lantern animated series on the way, not to mention numerous animated feature films. Really, with so much DC animation produced in the company's history, the possibilities for DC Nation are vast.

DC Nation was announced on Wednesday by Cartoon Network in a presentation to advertisers in New York that also included new series based on Looney Toons and ThunderCats. For more on that event and the new Cartoon Network programming, check out Deadline Hollywood.