We've been hearing for a while about an all-new Powerpuff Girls series coming to Cartoon Network, and today they've released the very first clip from the show, which you can watch right here.

The scene chosen for the clip zooms in on gender in Townsville. The as-yet-unnamed villain bears more than a passing resemblance to Manly Dan from Gravity Falls, and the prominent "M" on his belt buckle implies an equally man-centric name. He's attacking a hippie carnival that he sees as an affront to manhood, and the response from the hippies is probably the funniest moment in the clip.

The villain dismisses Buttercup as a "princess," which of course makes her angry enough to punch him into the next county. I'm left with an instinct to argue, "But Buttercup, there's nothing wrong with being a princess," but that's really the sort of point I should let Bubbles make, and there's no denying that the bad guy meant it as an insult.


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Speaking of Bubbles, she's the only Powerpuff Girl who dressed up for the Hippie Carnival, and it's pretty cute. Sadly, neither she nor Blossom have dialogue in the clip, leaving Buttercup with most of the lines.

Since the new Powerpuff Girls was first announced, there's been some controversy about the girls' original voices, Cathy Cavadini, Elizabeth Daily, and Tara Strong, being replaced with the younger trio of Amanda Leighton, Natalie Palamides, and Kristen Li. Palamides' Buttercup sounds basically perfect — reminiscent of Daily's version without being an imitation. The voice I associate most strongly with the original, however, is Strong's Bubbles, so I look forward to hearing how Li handles the character.

The new Powerpuff Girls premieres this spring on Cartoon Network.


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