Cats, I'm convinced, are at war with humanity. It's not always obvious to human eyes, because cats fight this war with unconventional weapons: stinky poops, shredded clothes, hairballs, LOLCat memes and mind-altering cuddles. Cat ladies are the double agents in this peculiar battle, simultaneous victims of and advocates for our feline aspiring overlords. Yasmine Surovec's webcomic Cat Versus Human encapsulates the emotionally abusive relationship between a lady and her cats, in between happy snuggles.Surovec is a self-described cat lady with a good sense of humor about the fuzzy antagonists who share her home. She may love her cats (and yes, they come in multiples), but she still recognizes that we humans indulge our pets in some absurd ways: letting them paw at our faces, preparing their food just to their liking, curling up in a tiny corner of the bed so they can sprawl out, filling up our phones with hundreds of their photographs. Her gag comics are part self-parody, part poke at the evilness of cats. For every comic about how cat people won't disturb the kitty napping on their lap, no matter how much they have to pee, there's another where the cats are drawing human blood. How those kitties love to bite.

Some of the comic's truisms are best enjoyed with a cat -- or at least a cat lady -- by your side, but Cat Versus Human contains plenty of gems for even the staunchest cat hater. For one thing, Surovec is also a dog lover, and the site includes a handful of dog comics. But many of Surovec's cat comics require no first-hand pet experiences to fully appreciate. Her "Kitten Nightmares" is a delightfully bizarre piece of cat-inspired science fiction, and her "Cat Ladies Throughout History" goes a long way toward explaining the feline takeover of the Internet:

One thing is for certain: in the battle of cats versus humans, we don't have a hairball's chance in the vacuum cleaner.

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