After the year most of us just had, I think we can all sympathize with the idea of just starting over again somewhere far away beyond the stars, and a new Kickstarter project seeks to do something very similar. Writer Shannon W. Lentz has put together a killer roster of some of the best sci-fi and fantasy artists for a new project called Cayrels Ring, which features eight distinct chapters that set the scene and establish a whole new galaxy.

The first story set in Cayrels Ring is titled "Rend It," about an old man marooned on a suicidal supercomputer who seeks to escape and search for his long-lost grandchild. The first issue will be forty pages long and divided into eight chapters, which will purportedly unlock the secrets of Cayrels Ring and lead to a whole new galaxy of stories in the future.

The first issue features art from Brandon Graham, Simon Roy, Farel Dalrymple, Alchemichael, Aaron Conley, Grim Wilkins, Filay Bratukin, and Aaron Petovello, with colors throughout provided by Cassie Kelly.

If the project is successfully funded, rewards include physical and digital copies of the first issue, a Cayrels Ring print by Sandra Lanz and a postcard pack featuring eight postcards displaying each artist's favorite panel that they contributed to the project. Higher reward levels include original art from the comic and Lanz's print, although a number of those tiers have already been snapped up.

Cayrels Ring is on Kickstarter now with a funding goal $11,500 (CAN). The crowdfunding campaign runs until Friday, 3rd February.

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