CBS has been looking to rev up their prime time comedy offerings, and lately they've gone to some relatively untapped places to find new properties. The network's already airing a show based on a Twitter feed, and it looks like it's begun mining the funny pages again for the first time in years with a new live action sitcom based on Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman's long-running comic strip "Zits."
The strip, which follows high schooler Jeremy Duncan and his friends as they juggle school, parents and an increasingly fast-paced, technology-fueled teenage lifestyle is being brought to life by Donald Todd, who was the producer and show runner for ABC's "Samantha Who?" and a consulting producer on "Ugly Betty." "Zits" comes as part of a multi-script deal with Warner Brothers television who has also agreed to produce another show of Todd's.

Co-producing the show will be Jerry Bruckheimer TV. "Zits" represents the first time out with a comedy for Bruckheimer's production company and the first time Bruckheimer has been associated with a comic-based property.

Scott created "Zits" after a suggestion of a friend at a New Year's Eve party in 1996. The strip currently runs in close to 1,600 newspapers, including major outlets such as the New York Daily News.

Some of you might know Scott's work on another comic strip he co-created with Rick Kirkman, "Baby Blues." Incidentally, "Baby Blues" also had a brief stint on television, running on The WB (now the CW) in the Summer of 2000. You can still catch reruns of "Baby Blues" randomly on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block of programming.

[Via Deadline]

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