Sometimes controversial and always innovative Cerebus creator Dave Sim has made 10 pages of his classic High Society graphic novel available from Heritage Auctions. The selection of pages were made by HA Consignment Director Lon Allen from Sim's complete collection of original High Society art, which the artist desperately hopes will be among the final pieces he's made to sell to supplement his income following low returns on recent ventures.

The new art auction follows the success of Sim's Kickstarter for a comprehensive digital version of High Society, but recent setbacks, plus the creator hinting at a possible "Doomsday Scenario" in the final issue of Glamourpuss, seem to have encouraged him to seek additional revenue streams. In an interview with the A Moment of Cerebus blog, Sim clarified that "when you're 57 years old in the comic-book field, everything is a Doomsday Scenario," and his participation in the auction had been planned since around the same time as his initial Kickstarter announcement some months ago.

In the interview, Sim also referenced his recent cover work for IDW's Judge Dredd, and informally announced that he would be doing more variant covers from among 19 handpicked titles. Those originals would be made available through Heritage Auctions in the near future as well.

Fans interested in owning some of this original Cerebus art will want to act quickly, as online bidding for many of the pages ends tomorrow, February 21. The pages available are some of High Society's very best, which is saying a lot for that particularly beautiful work.

Click each image to be taken to its auction:

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