Despite the wealth of flashy gimmicks and potential visual delights permeating the "Star Wars" prequel trilogy, there is little debate that the newer films are lacking the same quality that made the initial trilogy so wonderful. If only George Lucas had the foresight to substitute the Gungans or the Trade Federation droids with something significantly more worthwhile, who knows how great the prequels could have been.

Gammaraybots clearly understands this point, as the custom sculptor and toymaker has united two childhood passions into one beautiful mash-up - The Blockhead, a glorious Frankenstein-esque fusion of Darth Vader's TIE fighter from "Star Wars" and Charlie Brown's chump mug used as the cockpit.

Seriously, can you imagine baby Anakin Skywalker going up against an armada of Blockhead space fighters? There's no way he would have survived long enough to become Darth Vader. I'm not sure the fan reaction to the prequel trilogy would have been much higher with the Blockheads in place, but there certainly would have been more intentionally earned laughter.

[Link via Toycutter]