Ever since I witnessed Thor: The Mighty Avenger artist Chris Samnee confess to downing inhuman amounts of coffee on a regular basis at this past summer's Comic Twart panel at HeroesCon, I feel like I've had a better understanding of his equally inhuman art output (The man gets pages done!). That's why when a friend pointed out the artist's latest blog post containing a 5-minute video of him fully penciling and inking Batman, I had to double check to make sure it was actually a time-lapse.Despite the fact that the video has been sped up and reduced to just less than five minutes in length, Samnee still managed to bang out his take on the Caped Crusader in an equally impressive 27 minutes - three minutes less than it took him in his last time-lapse video illustrating Swamp Thing.

Of course, speed without skill has no place in a deadline-driven industry like comics, which makes his non-sketching achievements all the more impressive. Just look at this!

See Samnee in all his speedy glory on both Batman and Swamp Thing below:

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