Few things are more cruel than gifting children horribly practical undergarments instead of toys for the holidays. After all, most socks don't feature missile-firing action or battle damage in any enduring way.

Now that I've seen this Christmas-themed Underoos commercial, however, I realize that there was a time when kids could have sleep in both comfort and rad style during the season of giving. They could also, apparently, admire family members half-heatedly while wearing them. In both cases, I'm jealous.

The best Underoos didn't just slap character likeness on pajamas -- they made costumes of them! Plenty of similar clothing has been produced for adults since then, but there's no denying the costume element of Underoos' brand really puts the power of cosplay into sleepwear-specific clothing.

Why, if I had some big kid Underoos on, I'd probably be sleeping right now!

That's an empty threat considering I'm too indecisive to order some online, but watching this vintage commercial a few dozen more times might change that...

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