Those of you who read our review of "Batman and Robin" #13 and saw our new version of the year's best panel...

...may have already deduced that we here at ComicsAlliance are fascinated with Blingee.

For those of you unfamiliar with it -- say, anyone out there over the age of 14 -- Blingee is a website that appears to be devoted to the singular mission of making the Internet more eye-gougingly hideous by allowing users to trick out their pictures by adding poorly animated "bling." With a few simple clicks on their slow, clunky interface, you too can add the cast of "Twilight," Justin Bieber or a pair of glowing sunglasses to a picture! Any picture.

Clearly, this is something that comics publishers need to take advantage of, and the current rise of digital comics gives them the perfect opportunity to do what we've done, and enhance their classics by adding what the kids really want these days: A bunch of sparkly nonsense!

The Dark Knight Blings Out

The Dark Phoenix Saga Drops It Like It's Hot

Dr. Doom: Straight Up Gangsta

The Flash of Two Worlds: Best Friends

Wolverine and the Infamous New York Sewer Dolphins

The "%100 Crazy" Death of Supergirl

"My Ward is a Blingee!"

The Blinging of Gangstalactus

"I Blinged It 35 Minutes Ago. In Summer 2009."

Superman. And Justin Bieber. And Rotating Silver Pot Leaves. 4 Ever.

I think the images speak for themselves: Blinged out versions of the classics are exactly what digital comics need.

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