Marvel's animated "Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?!" Web series is known for its comics and pop culture guests, but this week's installment casts an especially wide music net with appearances from MC Chris and Coheed & Cambria's "Claudio Sanchez."

MC Chris and Sanchez both have pretty impressive ties to comics. Sanchez has penned several C&C-related graphic novels in addition to his most recent "Kill Audio" series at BOOM! while the nerdcore rapper MC Chris has held numerous writing gigs and voice acting roles on Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim" programming.

These unique pedigrees may or may not (at all) help the two to compete in the wacky Stark Expo "Iron Mania" charity game show put on by a mysteriously non-traditional Iron Man, however. Give the latest "What The--?!" episode a spin after the jump to see how MC Chris and Sanchez fared against Brian Michael Bendis, Nick Fury, War Machine, Thor and the Hulk.