On September 6, IDW and Foxtrot Entertainment will release Code Word: Geronimo, an 88-page original graphic novel based on the May 1 raid by SEAL Team 6 in Abbottabad, Pakistan that resulted in the death of terrorist leader and orchestrator of the September 11, 2001 attacks Osama bin Laden.

Code Word: Geronimo is written by retired United States Marine Corps Captain Dale Dye, (author and Hollywood military advisor on Platoon, Saving Private Ryan, Band Of Brothers) and Dr. Julie Dye, Ph.D. The graphic novel is illustrated by artists Gerry Kissell (The A-Team: War Stories, Iron Sky) and Amin Amat (Buckaroo Banzai, Iron Sky).

According to IDW's official press release, a portion of the proceeds from Code Word: Geronimo will be donated to an unspecified charity supporting military service members.From IDW's official press release:

"Due to entirely appropriate security concerns, there is some creative license in our script," said Captain Dye. "But I think readers will be gratified with the detail and thrilled with our take on one of the most daring and successful commando raids in American military history."

Matt Moore of the Associated Press spoke with the creative team and wrote a synopsis of a few key scenes from the graphic novel.

Concerning the release's inherently graphic content, the artists e-mailed Moore a statement explaining their approach:

"This is a story about an historic mission; not a blood fest, with blood and guts everywhere," the artists said in a statement emailed to the AP. "What we will draw will be realistic, but no more than what one would come to expect from a true life combat story."

The overall tone of the work seems aimed to celebrate the success of SEAL Team 6's mission from a relatively nonpartisan standpoint as Julia Dye emphasized to the AP, "People from all parties and from more than one administration made this all possible."

See a larger image of the cover to Code Word: Geronimo below:

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